Spn 102 Invierno 2018

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SPN 102

Invierno 2018


Instructora Margarita Casas

Oficina/contacto NSH-117; teléfono 541.917.4558, casasm@linnbenton.edu

Horas de oficina: De lunes a jueves de 11:00 a 11:50 am
Libro de texto Exploraciones, Second edition. This is a bundle that includes the textbook and access to Quia books (i-Lrn), needed to complete all homework. ISBN 9781305252479. For other purchasing options, please check my website for SPN 102.

When you sign in for our class in Quia books (i-Lrn), use the Course code: XNE686

Important: If you did not take SPN 101 at LBCC and do not have the book, buy it from the school bookstore unless you can order it online 10 days before classes start. See my LBCC SPN 102 page for more info.


Vas a mejorar tu habilidad para entender, hablar, leer y escribir el idioma español. Es muy importante hablar español durante la clase. Vamos a cubrir los capítulos 5-8 del libro de texto.

Learning Outcomes

1) Demonstrate an ability to communicate past occurrences in oral and written form.

3) Communicate and demonstrate an ability to deal with everyday life situations such as shopping for clothes and food and ordering in a restaurant.
Learning Objectives

1) Increase proficiency of all skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

2) Expand knowledge about Spanish speaking countries from different geographical regions.

3) Better understand the relations between the United States and Latin America.

Tips for success in this class

  • Complete all your homework daily! Never skip it! --It is ¼ of your grade and it prepares you for class and exams.

  • Speak Spanish! (even if you are speaking only to yourself!). Saying things out loud will help you to remember.

  • Use the resources we offer: tutors, office hours, web resources and books at the library.

  • Use Spanish in your life!... Meet new friends, listen to music, watch movies in Spanish, play with apps and games, etc.

  • At the very minimum, spend at least two hours of study for every hour of class.

  • Find a language partner at the Multicultural Center in Corvallis, at the DAC or at the ESOL program.

Websites for SPN 102

1) QUIA BOOKS Your textbook comes with a key to enroll in i-Lrn (Quia books). You need this key to gain access to the Student Manual and many other resources. Your key is good for 18 months.

2) QUIA GAMES I maintain an additional Quia page where I post games, activities and messages for the class. Visit it often as I ass new activities every time we introduce a new topic.
3) LBCC INSTRUCTOR SITE Here you will find study guides, PowerPoints, links and other resources.

Tutors and other campus resources

The Learning Center offers free tutoring. Tutors that can help you to study and understand difficult concepts, practice, and feel more comfortable in class. Use this valuable resource! Sign up on the tutoring website.

Grades and Evaluation

The grading in this class is optional (A-F, or Pass/Fail). If you want to take the class as a Pass/Fail option, you must notify the registration office by the end of the 6th week. If you take the pass/no pass option, a passing grade is 70 points and up. 70 is also the minimum grade recommended to continue to the next level (SPN 103).

The following are the different areas that make up your grade for the class:

Pruebas (3) 22%

Composiciones 18%

Tareas 22%

Participación en clase 12%

Conversaciones 5%

Total 100%
A = 90-100 points; B = 89-80 points; C = 79-70 points (PASSING GRADE); D= 69-60 points; F = 59 or less.

If you chose the Pass/No pass option, you need to get 70 points or more to pass the class.

Exámenes y Pruebas

See the calendar on the last page for testing dates. If you cannot attend class on the day of a test due to a MAJOR reason, notify me IN ADVANCE. You will need to take it within 2 days.


We learn languages through practice and repetition. The homework allows you to get that practice. Completing it on time is a key to your success, and it constitutes a large portion of your grade.

Only homework received on time gets credit. You have up to 7 attempts to get as many points as possible (only the last attempt counts for calculating your grade). Homework is due by midnight of the due day, but it is a good practice to complete it before class.

Composiciones are the writing assignments of the class. They consist of a first draft and a correction. If you write only a first draft, the maximum possible grade is 50 points (assuming it is an excellent draft and on time). If you are not in class the day we write, you will have two days to write at the Assessment center (RCH-111), like if it was an exam.

You will be able to revise the first draft and improve it based on the following guidelines. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS ATTACH THE FIRST DRAFT TO YOUR CORRECTIONS.

  • Use ONLY the vocabulary and grammar we have learned in class.

  • Underline any word you have to look up. The maximum number you can use is 8 new words.

  • Do not ask for help from friends -it has to be YOUR work.*

  • If you use a dictionary online, look up ONE word at a time. Never look up more than one word in a sentence.

  • Evidence of using an e-translator can result in an automatic zero for the assignment.


It is a group assignment to demonstrate oral proficiency at the end of the term. Vas a trabajar con un grupo de tres estudiantes, y van a hablar por diez minutos Spanish for ten minutes. You will receive additional information later in the term.


Being in class does not equal participation, but you cannot participate unless you are present. Participating means:

  1. Come prepared, pay attention, ask questions. Volunteer answers, engage and work actively in groups/pairs.

  2. Keep a positive attitude, be respectful, friendly and helpful to everyone.

  3. Arrive punctually and remain in the classroom until the class has finished. Do not start packing before!

Accessibility resources/Disability Statement

Students who may need accommodations due to documented disabilities, or who have medical information which the instructor should know, or who need special arrangements in an emergency, should speak with the instructor during the first week of class. If you believe you may need accommodations, but are not yet registered with CFAR, please go to http://linnbenton.edu/cfar for steps on how to apply for services or call 541-917-4789.

Integrity Statement

Be advised that all the assignments must have been written by you. While it is OK to ask for help to other people, every assignment should have been written and created by you. You may use models, but it is not acceptable to copy full sentences or use any type of electronic translators -- you will not learn anything if you use them, and they result in incomprehensible chains of unrelated words, without any syntax, grammar or meaning. Assignments that are considered cheating will automatically receive an zero.

LBCC Comprehensive Statement of Nondiscrimination

LBCC prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, use of native language, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran status, age, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. For further information, visit http://po.linnbenton.edu/BPsandARs/

Inclement weather closures

Occasionally we experience snow days or icy roads that result on college closures. If that happens, CHECK YOUR LBCC EMAIL. If you do not use your LBCC e-mail, make sure to forward your LBCC messages to your preferred account, so you do not miss important information.


SPN 102

Remember to complete your homework online daily!

lunes martes miércoles jueves

Semana 1

8-11 enero



Empiezan las clases

Capítulo 5

Vocabulario: exp. con estar, estar + adjectives,

Tarea: estudiar vocabulario TB 152

Present progresive

Tarea: Estudiar TB 156-7

Present progresive

ser & estar

Tarea: Estudiar TB 159-80

Semana 2

16-18 de enero

No hay clases

Ser y estar, presente progresivo

Vocab: las profesiones

Verbos irregulares

Saber y conocer

Verbos irregulares, saber vs. conocer

Semana 3

22-25 de enero



Composición # 1 (30 m)

Prueba # 1

Capítulo 6

Vocab: cuerpo, reflexivos

Tarea: Estudiar TB 184

Semana 4

29 de enero a 1ero de feb

Verbos reflexivos

Verbos reflexivos

Adverbios tiempo y frecuencia

Verbos reflexivos

Adverbios tiempo y frecuencia

Vocab: Los deportes


Corrección # 1

Semana 5

5-8 de febrero

Regular preterite

Regular preterite

Stem change in the preterite


Stem change in preterite

Composición # 2 (30 m)

Semana 6

12-15 feb


Capítulo 7

Vocabulario: frutas y verduras, números 100+,

irregular preterite,


irregular preterite

por y para

Corrección # 2

Semana 7

20-22 feb

No hay clases

Irregular preterite

por vs para

Vocab: en el restaurante

Vocab: en el restaurante

Objeto directo I

Objeto directo I y II

Prueba # 2

Semana 8

26 de feb a 1ero de marzo

Capítulo 8

Labores de la casa

El imperfecto

Labores de la casa

El imperfecto

El imperfecto

Expresiones negativas

Expresiones negativas

Composición # 3 (30 m)

Semana 9

5-8 de marzo

Expresiones negativas

Vocab: actividades de la niñez

Objeto indirecto

Objeto indirecto

Objeto indirecto

Corrección # 3

Semana 10

12-15 de marzo



Prueba # 3



Examen Final: Lunes 19 de marzo a las 8:00 am.

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