Pig Spleen Weather Forecast for 2010

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Pig Spleen Weather Forecast for 2010

January to June
General Forecast

This forecast is for the area within a 300 km radius of Tompkins, SK and covers the first six months of 2010. Overall, average weather conditions are expected. However, the winter period will be relatively warm with below normal precipitation, whereas the spring will be cooler with above average precipitation later in June. The winter will have less than normal snowfall with a few general events at the end of January to early February, and at the beginning of March. The spring seeding season will start out dry until the end of May and the beginning of June when there will be above average precipitation throughout the entire month. Spring temperatures will tend towards below normal overall. Farmers will be able to get into the field fairlyearly; however, there will be slower germination due to lower soil temperatures and reduced moisture. This later germination will be compensated for with the rains in June.


Temperatures tending toward below normal particularly at the start of the month.. There will be a warming trend mid month followed be a general snow on or about January 15. (around -5C to zero daytime temps). This snow will mark a return to more average temperatures in the -10C range. January 25 will mark 2 days of heavy snow and temperatures will remain below average.


Tending towards normal to warm temperatures for the area for the month. February 3 will see light snow – not severe which is the only precip for the month. Valentines day and Family day will be pleasant but returning to colder weather for 5 or 6 days. While the temperatures will be cold, there will be no wind chill and mild temperatures will return until the end of the month.


Mild from March 1 to March 15 with plus temperatures. Colder temperatures in the last half of the month starting on St. Patricks’ day around 0 to -5C. Look for a blizzard between March 2 and March 10. Mid March marks the beginning of a gradual trend towards clouds, cooler or lower than normal temperatures and eventually more precipitation.


Staying cooler than normal for the month with a few good warming days but generally cool. Look for a light but cold rain or snow on April 7. Easter will be warm, dry and windy. Average temperatures in the 0 degree range. There should be lots of cloud cover but little rain at the end of the month.


Dry and cool.. There will be one week of average to above average temperatures at the start of the month with no significant rainfall. Again the end of May will be cloudy but significant rains will not occur until month end. End of the month rains will be cold and may produce some snow in the Cypress Hills area. The end of May will be cool with temperatures of +5C and wet.


Remaining cool to the end of the month with average temperatures in the 10C range. June 15 will see a significant rainstorm that again may produce some snow in the Cypress Hills. The rest of the month will see cloud and general showers to the end of the month.

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