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Sculpture IV (2nd semester) (1/2 credit)

Based on their own interests, students will work on combining different materials and techniques to create a complex and unique sculpture. Students will continue to develop their skills and techniques in the language of sculptural expression.

Sculpture Advanced (1/2 credit) By permission of the instructor
Senior Studio Art “Advanced Art Studies” (1 credit) Prerequisite: Studio Art III or its


This course is intended for students who have successfully completed Studio Art III and who wish to continue their work in one or more media in much greater depth. The approach that is taken is generally similar to that followed in Studio Art III. The emphasis is on development of an individual approach to student’s work and in the development of a portfolio.
Stagecraft “Theatre Technology” (1st semester) (1/2 credit)

This is a hands-on course designed to challenge students both artistically and technically.  Students will experience the technical aspects of theatre in the areas of hand tools, materials, hardware, stock sets, electrical systems, sound and advanced set building techniques.  As a result, students will not only learn about theatre technology, but also develop practical knowledge in woodworking, theatrical design and theory, and an understanding of what makes a staged production work.  They will work at times in a team or ensemble environment where they will need the trust and support of their fellow team members to complete the project in a timely manner.  The primary text is Theatrical Design and Production by Gillette.

Studio Art I “Introduction to Art” (1 credit)

This is an introductory art course designed for the student who has a general interest in art techniques and processes but not necessarily training or background in art. The course provides an opportunity to work with both two- and three-dimensional media, such as: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. Students are introduced to the basic elements and principles of design, and they are encouraged to experiment with various artistic techniques and representational styles.

Studio Art II "Drawing and Painting" “Two-Dimensional Art” (Two consecutive, semester-length courses) (1/2 credit each.) Prerequisite: Studio Art I or its equivalent

These courses offer further work in two-dimensional art emphasizing drawing and painting techniques and media. Students may take either semester course alone or both consecutively.

Studio Art III “Directed Art Studies” (1 credit) Prerequisite: Studio Art II or its equivalent

This is a directed art course designed for the student who has demonstrated the ability to work independently and has a desire to pursue studies in specific art media or techniques. With the guidance of the teacher, the student is expected to write a contract that will specify which media, techniques, or specific problems she/he will explore. The student will work closely with the teacher for artistic and technical guidance and have periodic critiques of each project.

Advanced Drawing (1/2 credit)

Students will work in color and monochrome drawing, using a variety of media, formats, and scales. They will develop the foundations of strong draftsmanship and explore combining both wet and dry media. The emphasis will be on further developing perceptual skills, techniques, and creating a personal vision in drawing. The work from this course could contribute to students’ AP portfolios.

*AP Music Theory (1 credit) Prerequisite: Music Theory and Permission from instructor

The Advanced Placement course in Music Theory is a college preparatory course for students who plan to pursue music in college. If you are interested in majoring in music, this class is for you. This course will begin with the fundamentals of music and the structural elements and move into transcription, dictation and analysis of music. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and work.

*Advanced Placement Studio Art “Advanced Placement Studio Art” (1 credit) Prerequisite: permission of instructor

The Advanced Placement course in Studio Art is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. The course aims at preparing students to produce work to submit for evaluation in a portfolio. The scope of the work should be equivalent to that of introductory college courses in studio art. The three major concerns are: (1) a sense of quality in a student’s work; (2) the student’s concentration on a particular visual, interest or problem; (3) the student’s need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical, and expressive means of the artist.

Civic Leadership Program – Ninth Grade (1/2 credit)

The Ninth Grade CLP theme is resource management and relationship development. Working with different teachers in the first three terms, students rotate concentrated study in research preparation, computer technology preparation and SAT preparation. In the fourth term ninth graders cover personal health issues in the context of a Red Cross Basic First Aid and CPR certified course. Additionally students study mental retardation and participate in a service-learning unit that culminates in a Spring Fair for the cognitively challenged students of Cedar Lane School. A freshmen leadership team provides direction for this student centered project.

Civic Leadership Program – Tenth Grade (1/2 credit)

The Tenth Grade CLP theme is Personal Presentation and Community Service. Students strengthen communication skills by engaging in social issue debates, social advocacy projects and public speaking presentations. Tenth graders participate in a four month world cultures project as mentors to local third graders. They also experience off-campus placements in government agencies or nonprofit organizations such as Head Start or The Nature Conservancy. Business and cover letter writing, resume development, job interviewing procedures, and journal keeping are included in the curriculum. A sophomore leadership team is chosen to develop a project that will financially support the annual ninth grade Cedar Lane Spring Fair.

Executive Leadership (1/2 credit) Junior Elective

This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of leadership, in observing leadership in the workplace and in developing one’s own leadership in the school community. Basic principles of leadership will be studied in theory and through their practical application with historical leaders such as Elizabeth I. Outdoor experiential learning will augment classroom instruction. Students will be prepared to serve as mentors and facilitators for small group initiatives at the annual ninth grade expedition.

Multimedia and Web Design (1/2 credit) Prerequisites: None

This course is an introduction to the current techniques and technologies used in web site design. Emphasis is placed on the variety of web site design elements including HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and ASP. Students also explore graphics manipulation with Photoshop and animation with Flash. Utilizing Access and SQL students explore database design concepts such as fields, records, tables, and querying with particular focus on web-based interaction.

Programming for the Web (1/2 credit) Prerequisites: None

This course provides an introduction to the techniques used in the key areas of computer programming: user interface, classes, methods, loops, decision statements, arrays, and file access. Students use the Visual Basic environment to learn the syntax, structure and flow of object-oriented programming. Students will obtain the skills necessary to create applications in the Windows environment.

Intermediate Programming (1/2 credit) Prerequisites: Programming for the Web (C or better)

This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Programming class. Students explore advanced programming concepts such as multi-dimensional arrays, database interactivity, interface controls, menus, sorting algorithms, recursion, and file management. Students are also introduced to the Java language in preparation for the Advanced Programming class.

Introduction to Networking (1/2 credit) Prerequisites: None

This course is an introduction into the principles of networking. Students will learn the basic concepts of signaling, data transmission and protocols. Utilizing these concepts, students will gain an understanding of how all networks operate and be given hands-on experience with setting up and managing various networks.

*AP Computer Programming A (1/2 credit) Prerequisites: Programming for the Web, Intermediate Programming and instructor’s approval

This AP course focuses on object-oriented programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving strategies and developing algorithms. This course is designed to be the equivalent of a first-semester college-level course in Computer Science.

Off-campus Mentorships (Juniors and Seniors only with approval of Head of Upper School.)
*Entrepreneurship & Business Management (1st semester) (Juniors/Seniors by permission only) (1/2 credit)

Students will learn how to develop and master the necessary areas to create a successful business project; this course will give students interested in pursing business a preview of advanced concepts such as business strategy, accounting, marketing, negotiation, social responsibility, and process management. The course will be fast paced and students will be expected to handle tight deadlines for projects. To gain acceptance into the course students will need to complete an interview process with the instructor. No course prerequisite though completion of one of the AP Economic courses is preferred. Primary Text: Strategic Management by David

Executive Leadership (2nd semester) (1/2 credit) (Juniors/Seniors)

This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of leadership, in observing leadership in the workplace and in developing one’s own leadership in the school community. Basic principles of leadership will be studied in theory and through their practical application with historical leaders such as Elizabeth I. Students will shadow local executives in business and government to become acquainted with the contemporary dynamics of leadership. Fundamentals in visioning, personnel and resource management, budgeting and marketing will be discussed. Students will be expected to demonstrate their leadership in a school club or organization.

Introduction to Business Management (2nd semester) (1/2 credit)

There are many pieces to the puzzle that is a Business. These pieces come in many shapes and sizes and when put together create a product for all to see or utilize. In this class we will be looking at what these pieces are and how one can become successful in the Business world. Some of the areas we will cover are the structure of different businesses, management and leadership styles, marketing, advertising, consumer/producer relations, business law and policies, human resource management, and finance. Students will be using what they learn in class to analyze a company of their own choice throughout the semester resulting in an end of the semester presentation on their company.

Publication Production (1/2 credit)

Students in this course will be involved in writing and producing finished pieces for the newspaper, literary magazine and yearbook. Writing and editing skills will be emphasized. Students will also learn the use of Pagemaker and other computer graphic programs. Students will be required to be on the staff of at least one of the school publications. Regular publication in the newspaper and participation in workshops and production meetings outside of school time will also be required.

Yearbook (1/2 credit)

Working on the yearbook requires editorial, artistic, photographic and people skills. Students will be involved in all the aspects of publishing. Students will develop design skills as well as desktop publishing skills. The end product will be part of your lives, a memory of the Glenelg experience.

*Advanced Placement Micro Economics (2nd semester) (1/2 credit) (offered odd years)

Acceptance to the course is by instructor permission only.

AP Micro Economics will prepare students to take the AP in May and is offered in the second semester. The course will provide an introduction to the economic system and economic analysis, with emphasis on how firms and industries form, compete, and how individuals within these systems make choices.
*Advanced Placement Macro Economics (2nd semester) (1/2 credit) (offered even years)

Acceptance to the course is by instructor permission only.

AP Economics will prepare students to take the AP in May and is offered in the winter term. An introduction to the economic system and economic analysis with emphasis on the overall economy focusing on total national income, output, employment, inflation, money, and interest rates. Applications of economic analysis to government and personal decisions will be studied, along with a history of the different schools of economic thought.

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