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SPAN 1411 LAB 01, 02, 03 Elementary Spanish I

Fall 2014 Course Syllabus

Prof: Linda Prewett Email: lprewett@etbu.edu

Office: SCRB 408 Phone: (903) 923-2271

Course Times: Thursday (HDBR) Office Hours: MW: 11:00-12:00, 2:00-4:00

(Sections) 01 8:00 - 9:20 TH: 9:30-11:00, 12:30-2:00

02 11:00 - 12:20 F: 11:00-12:00

03 2:00 - 3:20

*other times available upon request


  1. My Spanish Lab ACCESS CODE CARD , 6th edition, 2015 ISBN: 9780133906769

(ETBU Bookstore has a 3 semester book bundled with a My Spanish Lab Access Card, 6th edition.)

Castells, Guzmán, Lapuerta, Liskin-Gasparro, Mosaicos, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 6th edition, 2015
11:00 Class ID: CRSKLKN-6040139

  1. Enrollment on the Spanish tutorial web site: www.etbu.mywconline.com.


  • Practice the 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

  • Become proficient with the Spanish language patterns studied in Spanish 1411.

  • Attain accuracy in pronunciation and proficiency in communication skills.


Lección preliminar: Bienvenidos, pP. 2-3

(El Mundo hispano: Countries in which Spanish is spoken)
W1 agosto 28 Enrollment in the Spanish tutorial site & in My Spanish Lab.

Bring to lab a credit card to purchase My Spanish Lab Access code card

(if you haven’t already bought it.)

Tarea: Presentaciones El alfabeto,

Vocabulary Flashcards

My Spanish Lab

W2 septiembre 04 Interactive activities Preguntas del capítulo preliminar.

Prueba: Los números los meses del año y los días

de la semana, la hora

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

Capítulo 1: ¿Qué estudias? p. 31 (españa)

W3 11 Interactive activities Expressing actions: el tiempo presente de los

verbos regulares –ar

Asking questions: Pregúntale

Assessment I Preposiciones, p. 12

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

W4 18 Interactive activities Preguntas del capítulo 1

El tiempo presente de los verbos regulares,

ser y estar

Prueba: El tiempo presente de los verbos regulares–er, ir

Tarea: My Spanish Lab: Practice Test
Capítulo 2: ¿Quiénes son tus amigos?, p 65 (Estados Unidos)
W5 25 Interactive activities Preguntas del capítulo 2

Describir a las personas o animales, los colores

hablar sobre la composición


Tarea: My Spanish Lab

W6 octubre 02 Interactive activities Descripciones, adjetivos posesivos

Assessment II Questions

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

W7 09 Fall Break No hay clase.

W8 16 Interactive activities Likes and dislikes,

las descripciones y los adjetivos posesivos

Prueba: Preguntas, C. 2

Tarea: My Spanish Lab: Practice Test


Capítulo 3: ¿Qué hacen para divertirse?, p. 100-1 (Perú)

W9 23 Interactive activities Preguntas del capítulo 3,

Las comidas, Números de 100 a 2.000.000

Prueba: El presente de los verbos hacer, poner, salir,

traer y oír

Tarea: Lectura (Reading and worksheet):

Practice reading with tutor.(signature required)

My Spanish Lab
W10 30 Interactive activities Expressing actions: Saber y conocer

Lectura (Reading), pp. 110

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

Capítulo 4: ¿cómo es tu familia, p.137 (Colombia)

W11 06 Interactive activities Preguntas del capítulo 4,

Los parientes y las rutinas familiares

Prueba: Verbs, p. 154

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

Composición: Preparar un borrador de la composición y

visitar a un tutor para revisarla.

W12 noviembre 13 Interactive activities

Composición, (The instructions are on the syllabus; consult with tutor.)

Tarea: My Spanish Lab
Capítulo 5: ¿Dónde vives?, p. 171 (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras)

W13 20 Preguntas del capítulo 5

Interactive activities La casa y las tareas domésticas

Prueba: Preguntas del capítulo 5

Tarea: My Spanish Lab

24-28 Vacaciones—Día de Gracias—(Thanksgiving)

W14 diciembre 04 Interactive activities La casa y las tareas domésticas

Tarea: My Spanish

Expressing actions: verbos, el

complemento directo

Prepare for oral lab final

W15 11 Capítulo 5 Mi casa es su casa

Assessment III: Entrevistas (interviews) finales

(Siempre yo pongo la mesa y ahora mismo yo la estoy poniendo.

Examen Final: Students who complete all of the assigned myspanishlab.com activities on time will be exempt from the final examination.
Th. Lab @ 8:00 Tuesday, Dec 16, 8:00-9:50 (2014)

Th. Lab @ 11:00 Tuesday, Dec 16, 11:00-12:50

Th. Lab @ 2:00 Tuesday, Dec 16 , 2:00-3:50

Fechas importantes: _____________________________________________________



My Spanish Lab:

My Spanish Lab is an important component to the lab and it accounts for 50 out of the 200 points you can earn during the semester. It would be helpful for you to register in My Spanish Lab before the first lab class. You can purchase My Spanish Lab on the web site.


The topic has already been chosen and correlates with information presented in Mosaicos. Your composition is in Spanish and must contain a variety of verbs and grammar points learned in class. A minimum of 80 words distributed in 10 sentences is expected for full credit.

Students will have 20 minutes to complete their composition without the aid of books, dictionaries, notes, etc. In fact, during the composition only the paper given to students by the professor will be permitted on their desks.

Students are required to make an appointment with an ETBU tutor to correct their compositions.

Students are required to write their composition on the day indicated on the syllabus Absent students without legitimate verification will automatically receive a 0 on their compositions. Contact your professor if you have to be absent due to an emergency or to a university-approved activity.
Composición Topic: “¿Qué hace Ud. los fines de semana?” Your new girlfriend/boyfriend would like to know all about your weekend. Describe your activities, and be sure to use some of the following verbs: pedir, oír, preferir, dormir, and vestirse. Begin 3 statements with “Por la mañana…, Por la tarde…, Por la noche…” Add any information you consider pertinent to the completion of this composition (10 sentences minimum). You may consult the composition rubric for information pertaining to the calculation of your grade.
Entrevista: (Oral Proficiency Interview)

Your professor will meet with students during the semester for their oral assessments and final oral proficiency interview.

Prepare for your final oral interview by systematically reviewing the chapter questions (preguntas) and visual materials practiced in class.

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Please turn off cell phones and other devices (blackberries, iphones etc.). If a student is asked to leave because of his/her behavior, he/she will be counted absent for the day. No student is allowed to leave class for an extended period of time.

All cell phones must be put away in the student’s backpack during lab.

Tutoría: The Division of Modern Languages offers free tutoring to all students enrolled at ETBU. All students should register at to access the Spanish tutoring schedule. Tutoring sessions take place in (Scarborough 104) and in the ACE center (Meadows).


The etbu email is our official means of communication; please check your messages on a regular basis. You can also call me (903) 923-2271 or stop by my office during office hours. Other hours are available upon request.


The Lab grade represents 200 points of the total grade for Spanish 1411.

See lecture syllabus for additional information.

The lab grade will be computed as follows:

Composition (1) 25 points

Oral Assessments /Interview (3), & Reading (1) 50 points

Quizzes/homework & daily work, cultural activities 75 points

MySpanish Lab 50 points

(If your Spanish Lab is submitted on Wednesdays,

you will earn additional points.)

Oral assessments may be timed. If you cannot complete the assessment within the allowed time, you will need to contact the professor to complete it and provide evidence that you have practiced with a tutor.


All students must complete the lab component of Spanish 1411 in order to receive credit for Elementary Spanish I. Students cannot miss more than 4 classes before receiving an FA.

University-approved absences count as classes missed.

This syllabus can be found on Blackboard.

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